Emergency Services (A&E) Negligence

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If you have suffered an injury due to professional negligence of emergency services (A&E), we can offer professional, expert advice and help in pursuing a claim.

No Win, No Fee Solicitors

Our solicitors will help you on a ‘no win, no fee‘ basis, which means that there is no financial risk for you in making a claim. We will provide full support during the claim process.

We will seek the maximum compensation possible in the circumstances, in order to adequately reflect your pain and suffering.

We will also recover all your financial losses, including loss of earnings.

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Home and hospital visits can be arranged for people who cannot attend one of our offices and do not wish to deal with their claim over the phone.

About emergency services (A&E) negligence

We all know that A&E departments are often overcrowded, with doctors and nurses doing their best to keep waiting times down and help as many patients and as quickly as possible.

In such extraordinary circumstances, occasionally some instances of professional negligence may happen, for instance misdiagnosis, delayed treatment or failure to undertake appropriate action. If this has caused or aggravated your injury, you may be able to claim compensation.

How to claim compensation for emergency services (A&E) negligence?

First, we need to know some basic details about your accident (such as when, where and how it happened) and the injuries you have suffered. We will also ask you about medical treatment you have already received.

One of our solicitors specialising in medical negligence will review your case based on the details received from you, in order to assess how successful your claim is likely to be.

If you require further medical treatment and/or rehabilitation, it is vital to contact a solicitor as soon as possible, so that the best possible care (e.g. private surgery or rehabilitation) could be arranged at the earliest opportunity.

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