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There are many people who have been injured in an accident and have not claimed compensation for their injuries and financial losses.
Don’t be one of them!

At Free Accident Helpline we believe that everyone should be treated fairly, especially if you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s fault. This is why we have chosen these three words to describe our mission: JUSTICE, RECOVERY, COMPENSATION.
Justice means you should be compensated for pain, suffering and financial losses incurred as a result of the accident. To make good for damage caused is a fundamental legal principle that lays at the centre of compensation law. We will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.
Recovery means returning to normal, healthy condition and financial stability after the accident. Where possible, we will arrange for you a private treatment (e.g. surgery and/or rehabilitation) which will help you recover from your injuries as quickly as possible.
Compensation means you will receive money that will not only cover all your financial losses incurred as a result of the accident (such as loss of earnings or damage to your belongings) , but you will also get financial award for pain and suffering related to your injury.

…and one more thing:

We do it with passion and true desire to help our clients get through hard times. That’s because we believe in JUSTICE!

We accept cases from England, Scotland and Wales

We take on all types of personal injury claims, including accidents at work, road traffic accidents and medical negligence.

Accidents at Work

You can claim compensation for an injury resulting from accident at work if it wasn’t your fault, or if the accident happened only partially (but not more than 50%) due to your own fault or negligence.

Every year, more than half a million accidents happen at work, many of them due to employer’s negligence (e.g. lack of appropriate training) or another worker’s fault or recklessness.

Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents is a broad category, comprising minor incidents (resulting in minor injuries, such as a whiplash), as well as major crashes, which can sometimes be fatal.

In 2017, there were 1,793 reported fatalities and 170,993 all reported road casualties, which means an average of 5 fatalities and 468 casualties per day. Out of 1,793 fatalities, 26% were pedestrians, 19% motorcyclists and 6% cyclists.

Accidents in Public Places

Essentially, a ‘public place’ is any place (including roads and streets) to which the public have or are permitted to have access, whether on payment or otherwise.

Managers (or more precisely – occupiers) have a duty of care towards every member of the public visiting their premises. Therefore, if you have been injured in an accident in a public place, you may be able to claim compensation.

Medical Negligence

To be able to prove medical negligence and claim compensation for subsequent injuries, you must show that the doctor was negligent and did something that deviates from accepted norms of practice, i.e. their reasonably competent peer would not have done the same thing.

Your solicitor can help you in arranging all necessary medical examinations and obtaining all available medical evidence, however you must be aware that medical negligence cases are rarely quick or easy to settle.

Why Us?

  • We specialise in personal injury law. We take on all types of personal injury compensation claims.
  • We may accept your case even if the accident was partially due to your own fault.
  • We always fight for maximum possible compensation for your injuries and other losses you suffered as a result of the accident.
  • We’ll make sure you get compensation for all your losses, including past and future loss of earnings.
  • Where appropriate, we will arrange for you a physiotherapy or other recommended treatment as soon as possible to help with your recovery process.

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The Claim Process

Unfortunate accidents happen

If you were injured or ill as a result of an accident or negligence in the last 3 years, you may be entitled to compensation.

Let’s talk about the details

We need to get the details of the circumstances of your accident. Only then we will be able to properly assess the prospects of success of your claim.

Accepting your claim

If we believe your case has reasonable prospects of success, we will accept it on a ”No Win, No Fee” basis. This means you pay us only if you win, and you don’t have to pay anything if you lose.

Proceeding with your claim

We will act for you and provide you with ongoing advice and assistance throughout the whole process, including representing you in court, if necessary. You can relax and let us do the hard work for you.

Get your

We never back down and always negotiate the maximum possible compensation. Only when the figure is right (depending on your individual circumstances) we will ask you to accept it. You will receive your money by cheque or bank transfer.

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